Best of Regular Season Schedule – October 8th Vs the Montreal Canadiens

The Edmonton Oilers are looking for a big return to their former glory days, which isn’t a very tall task for such a marquee franchise with such an illustrious history. However, this team is extremely young, talented, and capable of making some real noise in the Western Conference for years to come if star franchise star goaltender Cam Ward is on the bench. You can’t go wrong by grabbing some Edmonton Oilers Tickets today while you’re in town for any of the following events:

Edmonton Oilers Tickets

April Fools’ Day: The Edmonton Oilers will be hosting the Calgary Flames in what should be a very competitive game. However, one Edmonton Oiler who is not participating in the action may find his way onto the score sheet when the playoffs do begin. That player is none other than leading goal scorer Taylor Hall. If you’re going to pick up Edmonton oilers tickets, you may want to grab them before he gets onto the ice. Edmonton has been known to pack the house, and these two teams definitely do not make nice companions.

October 4th: There’s no doubt that the Edmonton Oilers will be heading into their first playoff series since joining the league in 1993. It’s also no doubt that many of the fans in attendance will be rooting for the team like they have done for the team since they first joined. For those of you in attendance, there is one very important piece of information you should be aware of. The playoffs do not have home or away teams; it’s only the Western Conference. Therefore, when it comes to Edmonton Oiler tickets, you must select the Away Team.

October 5th: As if being an Edmonton Oiler was not already bad enough, the same can be said for the home games. The New York Rangers, Boston Bruins and Montreal Canadiens are also contenders. These teams have a better regular season record, although the New York Rangers sits at home because of their season-ending success. The Edmonton Oilers does not play the Montreal Canadiens or Boston Bruins. They do however play the New York Rangers, who is in last place. For this reason, you must be extremely careful when purchasing Edmonton Oiler tickets.

October 6th: The Edmonton Oilers will host the Calgary Flames in what should be an extremely high-scoring game. The Flames are also one of the worst teams in the league, so this could mean some great entertainment for the Edmonton fans in attendance. I’m sure that you can’t wait until the end of the season to go to some sport arena to see your favorite team play. Fortunately, Edmonton has quite a few nice sports bars and restaurants where you can watch the game with your family and friends. So, if you really want to enjoy a good night in the cheap seats, you will not have a problem doing so here in Edmonton.

October 7th: Another crucial game for the Edmonton Oilers comes up against the defending champion Boston Bruins. The Boston Bruins are a very talented team that have won the cup three times but have been lately plagued by injuries and struggles on the field. This should be a very good game for the Edmonton oilers ticket prices, as this could mean another division title for the Edmonton team. I would personally suggest that if you really want to enjoy a good evening in the cheap seats, then you should buy tickets to this match, as the Bruins will definitely be playing the “artistic” game this time around.

October 8th: The final game of the season schedule comes against the Montreal Canadiens. This is an exciting game, as both teams are loaded with talent. The Habs are extremely dangerous with the big scoring talent of the likes of Alexi Yashin, Guy LaBoucton, John Scott, and even some mysterious attacking star. The Edmonton Oilers can be very dangerous when they put the right players in the game such as Ladain Couture, Peter Laviolette, Guy Boucher, Wayne Gretzky, and even Edgerance Ouellette.

Of course, there are many more important matches to be played during the regular season schedule of the Edmonton Oilers. But, these are some of the most critical ones, as they will determine whether or not the Edmonton Oilers can continue to compete with other major league teams. By going out and purchasing your Edmonton Oilers Tickets now, you will ensure that you are one of the first fans at the games, and that you are still able to get cheap tickets to see the team even after the end of the season.

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