Hoodies For Warmth, Fashion, Attitude Or Just Being Down Right Hilarious

This day and age you can get hoodies for anyone for cheap. Most own more than one if not dozens. I remember when I was a child (I’m dating myself here), how my parents would buy me one coat for the school year and that was it. It was not because they were cheap or anything like that. It was because a quality coat was expensive and that is just the way parents thought in those days.

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Now days things are so different. Bulky jackets are out of date because of the popularity of hoodies. And they have broken all social barriers in both genders Juice Wrld Shop. You see them everywhere. They have transcended their original purpose, when they were called sweat shirts or jackets, to now being a platform for creative expression whether it is fashion, attitude, advertising or just to be funny. In fact certain styles and designs can identify you with specific groups of people. If you are not careful you could even be interpreted as projecting a criminal like attitude or be unknowingly associated with a cause or group you otherwise would have nothing to do with!

Hoodies come in several styles. Pull-over, zip-up and even half-hoodies for those wanting to show off their abs! Unfortunately, my tummy can be seen even if I cover it up. O well… times have changed. You can even get heavier made ones for skiing and snowboarding.

The real reason why hoodies are so popular is that they come in 100s of 1000s of designs, colors, sizes or can even be customized to fit your own personal creativeness. Companies, schools and other entities design their own for advertising with their logos included. What a practical tax write-off!

The beauty of this for the individual is you can have a tailored hoodie for almost every occasion. Work, school, shopping, recreation or just to show your support for your favorite sports team. They are inexpensive, convenient, warm and best of all really cool (not the opposite of warm but fashionable).

I have my favorite that is getting pretty worn out. It was given to me by a close friend who I don’t get to see much of now days… I guess they can even have sentimental value. In fact hoodies are collectable… I almost forgot to mention that. People like to collect hoodies of their favorite band, sporting event, athlete or even movie star. All this from the lowly sweat shirt!

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