Shelters for the Homeless

Homeless charity Chelmsford has always had something of an edge to it. A cosy little town nestled in the River Stour, Chelmsford is famous for its market, and for the annual St. Valentine’s Day festival. It is also, perhaps, renowned as a place that tends to do well on the ‘best day out’ of any big UK shopping weekend: Saturday. If you fancy an afternoon in a coffee shop catching up with friends, or just getting away from it all for a few hours, then you are probably well advised to hit up this town on any of these convenient Saturday afternoon shopping weekends.

homeless charity chelmsford

And there is even more on offer on those days when shopping is not really an option. Because a homeless charity must raise funds on a regular basis to pay for the upkeep and management of its various projects, it has a particular penchant for attracting shoppers. So we have a pretty strong tradition of doing our bit for a homeless charity in Chelmsford.

Over the last few years, Chelmsford has gradually grown into a very cosmopolitan, multi-cultural town. There are now a wide variety of cultures living in the town, and it manifests itself in many ways. If you want to find a homeless charity in Chelmsford, you needn’t look any further than Broadway Shopping Centre, a favourite among locals and shoppers alike.

Broadway Shopping Centre happens to be the one stop shop for anyone looking to buy anything from electronics to clothes to books. And the store isn’t small either. It’s one of the biggest in the country and can easily fit in with your shopping trip to Chelmsford. The main floor is devoted to the exclusive stores, with smaller floors and smaller shops scattered throughout the other levels. There are even a few stalls dedicated solely to food, with a range of Asian and European restaurants on the main floor.

This one of a kind store makes it a perfect location to drop by and find out more about homeless shelters in Chelmsford. Even the shops themselves are filled with information. There are regularly scheduled programs that you can attend if you feel like getting more in-depth. For example, the centre’s volunteer project manager, Rosemary Earle, will be hosting a special free tutorial one Saturday every month, in an effort to raise money for the homeless and create awareness of the problem.

Another homeless charity in Chelmsford is the St. Mary’s centre. This church is located on the banks of the River Run and serves as a hub for the local area. A number of events take place here, including an annual homeless pound party. One of the highlights is a gala dinner, where guests are served traditional British cuisine. However, if you’d prefer to skip the buffet, the centre has a nice buffet bar where you can pick up a variety of sandwiches, pastries, juices, salads, and more. You’ll definitely be able to find a delicious meal here.

For something a little more comfortable, you might want to check out the St. Ann’s homeless charity centre. This entry has a dedicated team of volunteers who work diligently to make sure that people living on the streets of Chelmsford have a warm and comfortable night’s sleep. If you’re looking for a nice bed to rest your feet on, the centre offers many quality beds, such as a queen sized or king sized bed. Of course, there are also cots, blankets, and bedding items available to purchase at the homeless shelter.

The homeless charity centre is run in partnership with the local town hall. The facility offers its services to those in need throughout the year. However, in order to access these services, you must provide proof of your identification and a valid tenancy agreement. All transactions are completed in person, by visiting the homeless charity in person. If you have any questions, you can call the centre’s main office, which can be located in Cromer Road, Christ Church Road, or St. Ann’s Square.

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