Step by Step on How to Use Press Release Marketing to Increase Your Internet Credibility Online

This is the part 3 of my last articles in how to generate leads using free marketing or zero-cost marketing. Let’s face it guys, the most important aspect in Internet Marketing is your reputation, your credibility, how wide is your network. This is the hardest part for newbie marketers online. But don’t you worry, I got something good here. What is it? Beg me first!

Don’t worry. I’m just kidding, it is called Press Release. Press Release is an excellent way to position yourself or actually brand yourself as a leader and add real value and instant credibility to your business. A press release is similar to a news story, but an online press release is different in a good way. That is you can submit your news story to many sites on the internet, through press release distribution sites. Congratulations, newbie has a better life.

Still remember the keyword section in part 1 of my articles? For new readers you can check out my first article called how to generate leads using free marketing on Google, because it will be needed here for press release marketing. Now guys, you can also optimize your press releases for specific keywords. That means it is brainstorming time again. Whether the keyword is your personal name, business name, or other industry-specific keywords, when someone goes to Google and type in the keyword, your press release can show up in the search engines. As a result, prospects will have the opportunity to read your press release, and click through to your website. Remember, when people search for your name online and Google shows a huge amount of results, it will increase your reputation to the guys searching for you. They will think that you’re not a hoax and you are good. Everybody knows you. Therefore, your internet credibility will be increasing from time to time.

Here is the key point. A press release is different with an article. The difference between a press release and an article is that a press release announces a specific event, such as the launch of your new business or your new website or anything else. An article shares opinions and information. It’s important to know this difference and keep this in mind whenever you’re writing a press release.

Press Releases can bring high quality leads to your site. Most people reading your press release already know they want a business opportunity. They are simply looking for more opportunities and research them again and again. So you might want to make sure your business stands out in the crowd, like mine.

I’ll guide you here on how to use press www.ufabet release marketing to increase your internet credibility or credibility online, here are the steps:

1. Choose a Topic

Every time you choose a topic for your press release always remember that you’re launching a specific event or announcing one. For example, “Tantawi Sagara Marketing Launched.” In this example, you are announcing a specific event (the launch of Tantawi Sagara Marketing).

Sharing an idea, such as “Why This Business Model Is More Preferable?” would be best suited for an article, as you are sharing an opinion and information.

Now that you understand the difference, it will save your time. As many distribution sites will not submit releases that are not formatted and written like a proper release and will not care if you’re not coming back to their site again. So you will want to write one that is qualified.

Here are some ideas for you to use press release marketing to increase your internet credibility:

The launch of your new business, best one.
The launch of your new website, number two.
The launch of your new team, not too shabby.
The launch of your new blog, the last but not least.

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