Strategy Games

In the last generation video games have moved from lines and dots, through the massive arcade systems to something that everyone can have access too, and should appeal to just about everyone. One of the reasons that they often do not is because so many of these titles are what could be called twitch games, first person shooters, action adventures and platformers all reward quick reflexes, but what about the person who wants to use F95zone his or her mind. In that case you may be more interested in strategy games.

In many ways these are harder to define than many of the other genres, and often bleed into them. After all a first person shooter is pretty easy to define and may have some strategy, and often adventure games, such as the Legend of Zelda, or platformers like Mario have a considerable amount of strategy. The problem is that to assume that is the entirety of this genre is to miss some of the most popular franchises of all time.

Perhaps the most famous of these are real time strategy games, in which you control an army trying to build it as quickly as possible, are Warcraft and Starcraft. They are by no means the only games. You also have Star Trek games, empire building games, world war II games and many others which all fall into the category of real time strategy. Real time strategy often combines both the best, and the worst of hard core gaming, by allowing you to truly think but also forcing you to do so quick. If these games have any downfall it is that with so many excellent players it can be hard to find games in which you are not destroyed quickly.

The other type of game in the strategy genre are the turn based strategy. Often these are 4x games, but not always. A four x game is a game in which you build an empire, the classics being Masters of Orion and Civilization. These games give you time to think, but also often reward micromanagement.

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