What Are Episerver Partner Benefits?

episerver partner

An EPIERver partner is a web-based EPI solution that helps in managing financial transactions, in addition to being an Ecommerce software. EPIERver has been developed by EPIER, a company of Switzerland-based Electronic Payment Initiative. This Ecommerce software also supports episerver partner other types of payments such as credit card and PayPal. In addition, it can also be used for Internet marketing, such as publishing or hosting applications and affiliate programs.

As of now, EPIERver is designed to address the needs of small and medium-sized businesses and eCommerce merchants in over 80 countries across the globe. The platform offers users the ability to manage all aspects of their businesses from accounting to content management to payables to inventory management to shipping. The aim of EPIERver business solution is to allow customers the freedom to transact business while focusing on the most critical elements.

A DXP Ecommerce software solution is one of the EPI Partner networks. DXP stands for Data Accessible Planning, and the platform is designed to give businesses access to the ERP system through an XML-over-HTT back end. XML-over-HTT is an XML-based method that allows for two or more data sources to be connected via a hypertext transfer protocol, or XML. In addition, it also allows for multiple modules to be developed and connected, each containing its own independent application program with modules corresponding to common areas of business. DXP partners are supported by direct technical support from industry-leading companies such as SAP, Microsoft Business Solutions, and IBM.

In addition, DXP provides the ability to interface with a wide variety of databases and servers. For organizations with in-house ERP systems, DXP partners provide the capability to convert in-house ERP data into the compatible format of the EPI Partner network’s standard database. Additionally, DXP enables application development and integration using its robust event-driven architecture. This architecture is made possible by the use of Application Service Platform. The technology partners like Adobe, Microsoft, and Citrix also support this technology.

With the extensive support from these technology partners, organizations are provided with the ability to leverage the benefits of D XP and to integrate with other digital experiences. EPI Partner’s application programming interfaces (APPI) provide application level integration to the digital experiences of the organization and to other external applications. Through the application programming interfaces, D XP application development is enabled, resulting in increased efficiency and in reduced costs.

The EPI Partner Network also includes digital product development organizations. These partner organizations bring together development partners, technical development partners, and digital product owners. Through the D XP digital experience platform, digital product development organizations can develop digital solutions for eCommerce sites, SaaS applications, SOPs, and M&A-focused venture firms. The D XP product development portfolio consists of enterprise solutions, packaged solutions, and software development for web, enterprise software, mobile, and cloud computing. Through the partner architecture, a single development partner can leverage its experience, knowledge, and technology to create a complete digital solution portfolio for any business need.

An EPI Partner’s application programming interfaces enable one application to be accessed by multiple partners. With the latest release of the Partner Portal, a developer can manage and track all of the digital relationships created via the EPI Partner Registry. The Partner Portal contains multiple profiles that each contain a list of the participating companies. Through the Partner Portal, a developer can view the profile of each company, search for partner companies, contact the company partners, and create new partnerships.

An additional reason why D XP is an ideal choice for an eCommerce website is that it supports a wide range of platforms, including Cordova, Cloud, and Java. These platforms result in simpler design and easier integration to the existing platform of the partner. This is a great step forward in terms of content management systems. The content management system allows a company to keep track of its intellectual property and allows it to enter into license agreements with other companies. This is yet another advantage of the eCommerce platform provided by the Episerver partner program.

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