Detoxify with Infrared Energy

I am writing this month about something new and exciting that I have had a chance to check out personally. I am talking about far-infrared technology. Let’s look Spectrum Email at the rationale behind it.

Since the beginning of civilization we have known that the sun’s energy is necessary to maintain health. Yes, too much UV radiation from the sun is harmful, but too little sun can cause depression known as “seasonal affect disorder”. In the extreme, lack of sun can result in Vitamin D deficiency and a condition known as “rickets” in growing children.

Infrared energy is an invisible portion of the light spectrum emitted by the sun. While most visible light is easily blocked, far infrared energy penetrates deeply into the body. The other ways of imparting heat to the body can be stressful, such as a steam sauna where you have to sweat profusely, or a hot tub that usually has toxic disinfectants. Far infrared is pure energy penetrating deeply into the body. It is just under red light in the visible spectrum. Because of its long wavelength, it penetrates deeply. For a quick illustration of your skin’s transparency just hold a flashlight under your outstretched hand and you will see even visible light penetrates somewhat.

I had heard about far infrared saunas and ran into some suppliers at a health fair. I talked to people that said it had made a huge difference in their wellness, such as the ability to sleep through the night, clarity of thought, and major behavior improvements in children. The saunas are ridding the body of toxic buildup, allowing for natural healing to proceed unhindered. It works by dilating blood vessels and capillaries, improving circulation and transport of nutrients in and toxins out. Cardiac output is increased, which speeds up metabolism. Many have reported improvement in rheumatism and arthritis symptoms.

A recent study of steam sauna versus far infrared compared the sweat of users. The steam sauna users had sweat that was 95 to 97 percent water. The far infrared sauna users sweat was only 80-85 percent water; the remainder was cholesterol, fat soluble toxins, heavy metals (such as mercury and aluminum), sodium, ammonia, and uric acid. This link of transport of material out of the body is on par with chelation therapy.

I have had a chance to experience the benefits personally and am impressed. In addition to the right chiropractic care, a twenty to forty minute stay in a far infrared sauna is a great synergistic treatment. I would be delighted to share the healing benefits of this kind of sauna with you. If you read this article from outside the Longmont area, then contact me and I can put you in touch with economical places to purchase infrared products.

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