Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous, Go Mainstream

The Lifestyle of the rich and famous has become an increasingly popular topic to write about as of late. With discussions of the 1% wealthiest in the news everyday, more people are becoming curious about what type of lives these people really live. For most of us, the amount of money being discussed by the 1% is more than we have ever imagined and more than we’d know how to spend.

Here come the new blogs and lifestyle websites showing off what these wealthy spend their money on Sherry Dyson . Blogs have been popping up all over the internet displaying top luxury items from brands like Bugatti, Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz, Armani, Ralph Lauren, among others.

Blogs aren’t the only ones capitalizing on this increasing fascination with the super wealthy. CNBC, Wall Street Journal, and Bloomberg all have sections of their publications dedicated to the Wealth report. CNBC has a nighttime TV show entitled The Secret Lives of the Super Rich

These productions are being viewed in mass. Turns out that people are extremely interested in either pretending to be rich on their social media accounts or looking at items they cannot afford. For some perhaps looking at items they cannot afford is a way of forcing themselves into a more motivated state.

Tumblr is a popular area where these types of blogs exist, as the website is primarily picture based blogs. Users can like and reblog posts seen on Tumblr. It has become a popular style to add luxury items to your Tumblr blog.

Often the pictures floating around the internet on these luxury blogs contain models wearing designer clothes, people standing in front of their luxury vehicles, or photographs of beautiful pools outside of serious mansions.

Many Tumblr blogs feature photographs that have been featured on various Instagram accounts. Instagram has become a popular destination for website owners to find free content. Instagram has become a breeding ground for show-off style pics where people flaunt their wealth. Blogs take these pics and show them off to show people how others are actually living. The majority of the pictures showcase clothes, cars, and homes, but other luxury items such as iPhones before they are released are sometimes featured.

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